1. ICSINC 2022 Format Check Reference Material

ICSINC 2022 Format Self Inspection Guidance Video: Download the format self inspection guidance video

ICSINC 2022 Paper Format Review Rorm: Download ICSINC 2022 Paper Format Review Form

ICSINC 2022 paper template: Download ICSINC 2022 Template

Dear authors,this video is the guidance video on paper format review by the Conference Crganizing Committee of ICSINC 2022. Please watch the video and check whether the submitted papers meet the requirements of relevant specifications.

If you need to update your submitted paper, go to the EasyChair website from the Call for Paper page and follow the tips below to update. ICSINC 2022 paper update tips

It is worth noting that there is only one corresponding author in an article; The author of the communication may or may not be the first author; The copyright notice must be signed by a correspondent author; The final publisher will only contact the author of the communication to confirm the final version. Please make sure the mail is unblocked.

2. Review Notices of Papers

Dear authors,thank you for your contributions. According to the convention of international conferences, contributors will also be invited as reviewers.

As for specific review details, please refer to the paper format and content check video. If you receive the review email, please check the format of the corresponding paper according to the video, review the paper content according to your own specialty, and give feedback.